Sunday, February 1, 2009


photo by Todd V. Wolfson, haircut by Deborah Carter of PINK Salon


Laura Lee said...

You are amazingly beautiful with or without your signature head of hair! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

totally concur with other response. honestly my first reaction. Annie Lenox.

how did the twins react? I wonder what Z thought when she first experienced mama's newly sheared noggin?

Karla said...

You make everything you touch stylish. You look amazing.

Nancy Mims said...

Gail! I haven't seen you in eons, and now I've just caught up with the last few months through your amazing blog. Reading the last few posts, I laughed and cried and feel so full of admiration for the grace and strength you seem to have through these trials.

I really love this photo. You look absolutely gorgeous--only you could pull off this look and make it look so wonderfully chic!

The collages of photos from the day of your haircut are so moving. Thank you for sharing it on your blog.

Lots of love and strength to you--and I hope to see you soon,

taxcosilver said...

Gail- You look gorgeous with or without hair ! I just found your blog and thank you for sharing this experience ...Am sending you love and strength and mucho admiration - tu amiga- Shayna