Friday, January 25, 2008

Un petit hommage...

I am trying to get back on the blogging band wagon so I thought I'd start with a list.

I can't believe how fast the time is flying and how the twins are growing sooooo quickly. They have entered the 3rd year of their lives - having been born in September of 2005. Creed was discharged from the NICU at Texas Children's Hospital in early January of 2006. Zelda is about to come upon her 2 year discharge next week. All of this brings me to the very strange point of hommage...

"To all of their care-givers/nannies/babysitters that have helped us, nurtured our children and brought us to this point..." And to avoid getting too weepy, throwing in the funny coincidence that all of their first names begin with the same sound: "K".

1) Katherine - our post-partum doula. The lifesaver of a woman who arrived every evening at 10:30pm and departed every morning at 8am for the first 2 months of the twins' lives when they arrived home from the hospital. Wildly expensive but so worth it! Evan and I could actually sleep knowing that someone was watching our babies breathe.

2) Kristen - their very first nanny. Trained as a midwife, she knew infant CPR, massage and made their first organic baby food from scratch! She stayed with us for a year.

3) Kathryn - Kristen's sister and the twins' favorite babysitter. She still sits for them on Saturday evenings and allows us our much-needed date night as often as possible.

4) Candi - our 2nd nanny. She is super competent, organized, and runs their very own private pre-school for 2 in our home. She has taught them more than I can even mention. Every day, it's something new! She has been with us since the departure of Kristen last February and will stay through the spring. We panicked when we thought she was leaving at Christmastime.

5) Candace - our Christmas nanny. A UT student, pole-vaulting track star who filled in through the holidays and ran those kids all over town - well, at least to the park and the around the fields at Auditorium Shores. We hope she'll come back this summer.

So that's it, care-givers without a "K"-sounding name need not apply...