Monday, February 16, 2009

And who is the President?...

It really is the age of the one-liners with these twin toddlers but it's also the Age of Independence. It started with "No" and then on to "I don't want to" and now Creed says "I can't". And so when Creed decides to be contrary, I launch into what I call the 'Obama Game'.
It goes something like this:
-Me: Creed, please take off your shoes when you're on the bed.
-Creed: No, I can't.
-Me: Creed, who is our President?
-Creed: (enthusiastically) Obama!
-Me: And what does Obama say?
-Creed: Yes, we can!
-Me: Okay then, yes, you, take off your shoes!

On a related note, have any of you other toddler parents recognized the relationship between the "Bob, the Builder"'s (in French, we call him "Le Bricoleur") motto and that of Obama's?
"Can we build it? Yes, we can!"
A coincidence?
I think not.

P.S. Round #3 of A/C chemo tomorrow. I am dreading the after effects...fingers crossed.


deborah d. lattimore said...

you are brilliant with the obama game! i might still have to use that on my sons, and they're 28 and 30! :) thinking of you with #3. we're almost through!!

Alex said...

I LOVE the Obama game : ) What a brilliant idea.
Good luck with treatment no.3.

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Lol, I hope your kids keep all their promises better than Obama does, haha.

kdg said...

LOL! This is oo funny! I've never thought about the Bob the Builder connection but you are so right! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have an easier go of it after this round of chemo. As always, you remain in my thoughts.
Kelly and Camryn