Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Playground question...

Is it okay to kick some 3 yr old's ass?

Every day, we receive a report of Zelda's activities in her PPCD classroom - this is the public school program that she attends for speech and structural learning before she continues on to Ecole each day to join Creed. She's there from 7h4am - 10h45am and then a bus takes her to Ecole.
The report says things like: "Super listening today!" "Nice verbalization!"
And then yesterday: "A three yr old boy from the class next door pushed Z down on the playground, stole her glasses and hid them. We talked to her about it and she seemed ok."

This morning I told her that if it happens again to say "Hey!" and to hold her head up the way she does, smile and say "I'm gorgeous!"

I think it's time...