Saturday, February 7, 2009

Playlist...department store mannequin...

So, la petite Z has a play list. She can name Sting, Beck, Spoon & Alejandro Escovedo on KGSR in 3 notes or less. We're going to make a lot of money off this kid if "Name that Tune" still exists when she's older. She can distinguish between The Police and new Sting. She's picky about her 60's R & B, 70's disco and dance hits of the 80's. We bought her one of the no-tech reverb microphones that she'll sing into like an echo chamber...these are her favorite feel good tunes of the moment:

- I Got You (I Feel Good): James Brown
- Message in a Bottle: The Police
- You got yr. cherry bomb: Spoon
- Don't You Want Me: Human League
- Sister Lost Soul: Alejandro Escovedo
- Le Freak: Chic

As for me, the velcro stubble is shedding. After the haircut of last Friday, my five o'clock shadow was starting to reappear and I was getting pissed. It's itchy, it's sticky and it hurts on my pillow. Funny thing, the other night, I got up to pee, half-asleep and as I got back into bed, I instinctively went for my long hair at the nape of my neck to brush it up onto the pillow.
I was just in the shower at noon and felt the water streaming down my lonely skull. And when I emerged, I looked at myself naked in the mirror - like a department store mannequin. Long neck, skinny shoulders, small breasts & waist and bald. Spray me in white plaster and set me in a vitrine.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I just realized that you could get your kids to paint cool art on your head every day! How cool would that be? Just get those body paints and see what develops!

Jen (& Leon) in DC said...

It's cheeky to recommend music to Austinites, but I'm a former Austinite, so I feel entitled. Z. might like San Saba County, "Though Cheating Was Never an Option." Alt. country with a really nice bounce.

The new portrait is beautiful.