Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A coma & Coca Cola...

So, I had this idea. Yesterday was oh so, miserable. The night before was spent in relentless nausea and sleeplessness. I ate saltines, I ate pretzels, I took the extra anti-puke pills. I couldn't read, watch TV, or look at a computer. I can't even look at ginger ale any more. I awoke and had a half hour of relief and when Aunt Claudia aka Aunt "Kia" arrived to pick up the kids, I ran to the bathroom and spent the rest of the day in bed. So, why can't they just put chemo patients into a coma? You arrange your life for the next 4 months: childcare, meal delivery, house cleaning, business decisions, even a video tape of conversation...and then you just check out. Every 2 weeks, they can inject you with the toxic drugs and then there's no nausea! no fuzzy brain! just sleep! It seems like a good idea to me...then they wake you up and you can go through radiation. What do you think?

As for the Coca Cola: I had a craving. The dry mouth is constant and last evening, I wanted a good old-fashioned fountain coke. Aunts Shakti & Claudia took the twins for a walk down the street and came back with a tall cup of sweet, carbonated goodness. Aunt "Kia", being the wellness healer that she is, was concerned about the caffeine. My response was, "I already don't sleep on the steroids so WTF?" I probably sipped on a third of the Classic Coke and you know what? I slept, no nausea, and I awoke at 6h30am to my toddlers ready to start the day. And now of course, I need a nap.

Recent one-liners from the twins:
-Zelda (out of the blue the other day): "Mommy, I want to go to France!"
-Creed (upon going into the crowded workshop of a friend): "My daddy likes junk, too."


deborah d. lattimore said...

YES, i vote for the coma! i've often wondered why cancer treatment has to be so barbaric and ridiculous, considering the medical community has had eons of time to figure this out. for me the days inch along. two weeks seem like two months to me, waiting for my next chemo. will the end of april EVER arrive? bring on the coma.

i hear you about ginger ale. i can't stand water anymore. i'm now drinking orange juice, which i will probably hate in a week. i LOVE coca-cola, but haven't had any in about a year. you've inspired me. :)

i broke down and actually bought a bag of ruffles potato chips - something i used to be addicted to but haven't had for years. oh sweet jesus! i'm going to buy more! will chemo hate me for this? will my treatment backfire? i doubt it. my dietitian said i could eat whatever i want, even BUTTER. i thought he was crazy, but now i shall obey.

j'adore votre blog! je suis nee a dallas et j'etais souvent a austin. je me rappelle le Salt Lick--mmm. and tubing down the pedernales! (comment dit-on ca en francais?)

Anonymous said...

hi love......i had heard a week or so ago about you through a mutual friend, i am sorry i haven't called, tell evan thank you for calling bryant today.. i love your blog site you have created, you have more courage and are braver than anyone i know. you are in my heart and prayers every single day. your pal, sharon