Monday, February 2, 2009

Circle of love...

photos: Todd V. Wolfson


Karla said...

Ok you made me cry.

I send you tears and love from Norway. This is very sad and very beautiful, and what a moving set of pictures. Todd really captured it beautifully. The progression of emotions is just....astounding.

I'm verklempt. I have to get myself together now, to meet my friend for dinner. Her hair is growing back beautifully, fyi. she's one of my two friends here going through what you are.

victor said...

nice doo!

Anonymous said...

In a move of solidarity -- my Caitie cut off 1/2 her long hair last night (nice minding Daddy). it's an interesting asymetrical look!! the right side is about a 1/4 long the left shoulder length. I think I'll dye it purple and call it a day.

you gals with the gorgeous faces can pull off any look.

amazing photos -- the one with evan looking up at you made me cry!

the new bio photo is fierce and lovely.

caits -- my punker

toxomaman said...


Do you have my email? I need yours to send you a note. And thanks, Caits - I want to see photos of my solidarity sista!