Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 notes...

Note No. 1:

On Wednesdays at Ecole, an art teacher comes in to do paintings with the kids. Creed brought home a Winslow Homer rendition. In the meantime, Zelda worked with her pre-Braille teacher and this came home in her lunchbox. I'm verklempt!

Note No. 2:
From my dear, funny & erudite friend, Laurent, in Paris (with an attempt at a fuzzy brain translation de ma part):

"En gros il y a trois résultats esthétiques possibles au crâne rasé chez la femme:
(Overall, there are 3 aesthetic outcomes possible for the woman with a shaved head):

-La version Britney Spears, genre j'aurai pas dû laisser mon p'tit frère jouer au coiffeur avec moi, pour rattraper le coup j'ai pas pu faire autrement que de tout raser et je ressemble à une poupée pas finie.
(The version Britney Speers, the type that I shouldn't have let my little brother play hairdresser and now to 're-coupe' I could only shave it all off and look like an unfinished doll.)

-La version Sinead O'Connor, style nonne bouddhiste, oui je sais j'ai l'air très ennuyeuse et ascétique, et c'est peut-être pas tout à fait faux.
(The version Sinead O'Connor, style buddhist nun, yes, I know I seem bored and severe, and perhaps it's not entirely untrue.)

-Enfin la version Grace Jones (ou Gail Chovan), c'est-à-dire j'ai une "gueule" et quand on me regarde on a l'impression que j'ai une nouvelle coupe et pas que je n'ai plus de cheveux."
(And finally the version Grace Jone - or Gail Chovan - that's to say, I have a "look" and when one sees me, they'll have the impression that I have a new "doo" and not necessarily that I no longer have any hair.)

Keep 'em coming...

P.S. Today I'm dealing with pukiness, insomnia (up night from 1am-4h30am), headache, losing taste buds, an acute sense of smell and intense dry mouth, dry eyes and dry skin...trying to get some sleep. I know that it all could be a lot worse, but this sucks...

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hotpinksox said...

I love your new doo. Think of all the time you will safe washing your hair. (but now you can't use that excuse either.)

I hope today's sickness passed.