Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re-booting...and Hair-today...

La petite Zelda and Evan were home last night by dinner. No brain tap - thank the gods! She seems okay, a little off, a wee bit whiny, and asking often to be held and for her Daddy. It's almost as if she had to be reintroduced to the household, her favorite toys, music and books. Usually I can read her braille book of nursery rhymes with her and she'll finish each sentence. She was reticent at best. I know that the seizure was a trauma to the brain and 3 days in the hospital sucks for any toddler - never mind a blind child getting used to new smells, voices and sounds. Evan calls it "Re-booting her brain" - getting her back into the flow of our lives. He's worried that Creed is exploding on all fronts: personality, language, willfulness, opinions, etc. Zelda is usually always a month or 2 behind Creed but always holds her own. Now, Evan feels that Creed is racing forward while Zelda becomes more tentative. She's at Ecole today with Creed and her friends. We have Parent-Teacher conferences next week...
* * *
Today is my last full day with a full head of hair. I woke up last night at 3am and felt my hair on my pillow. I couldn't sleep. I felt anxious about it for the first time and seem to be looking at the clock every hour today and imagining what it will be like tomorrow. I don't want to lose my hair. Like everything else, I know that I can do it...yes, I can. It's just that this time, I really don't want it to be...gone tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Man i think the question of 'how much sh#t can be slung at someone?" is being answered; that is: a load.

sigh - i am glad to hear Z is bouncing back, even if at a slower pace.

regarding the twins, Caitie has always been behind Georgia, example: Georgia walked at 10 months, Caitie walked at 15, and a weird 'knee walk' at that. I know Z's blindness is a huge factor (under statement) but a lot is just two different people who happen to grow in the same womb.

hugs to you my friend. did you decide? turban, bob, or beer helmet?