Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last "Hair-rah"...

So, it's confirmed. I start 4 months of chemo next Tuesday. I'll watch Obama's inauguration from my chair in the infusion room as I silently chant, "Can I do it? Yes, I can." As for the details, I have triple negative, invasive ductal carcinoma. My oncotype test shows that it is aggressive with at least a 30% chance recurrence rate. Chemo is the course of treatment - every 2 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of radiation. I will lose my hair so I am having it cut off and my head shaved after my first round of chemo.

So, here's my photo from the round of parties from this past weekend...pre-party, a lovely birthday for Alejandro at the new Hotel Saint Cecilia followed by the pièce de résistance: the annual Jingle Ball. C & Z returned to Tunnel Trail for another fun-filled slumber party with Kat & DonDon - dancing to the 80's and running around in the rain shower. Thanks you guys for letting us have our last "Hair-rah" - at least for a while! Feeling fine in 2009...

photo courtesy of Todd V. Wolfson, hair by Deborah Carter at PINK Salon, make-up by Shirley Pinkson at W3LL People


Anonymous said...

You are fabulous!!

and no doubt you will rock your new streamlined look as well.

more strength karma coming at you!
(but do you even need it?)

LOVE LOVE LOVE adorable Z's skirt.
mb caits georgia

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo, my beautiful sister! You are fabulous with or without hair. I love you!!!!

xoxo Shakti

Anonymous said...

You'll still be the sexiest 50 year old we know even without the mane. Glad you're taking the safe route even though royal pain in short term. Tell Evan to shave it all off so toxo twins can be joined by baldo twins. Love you and hope this stage passes quickly.

Bill and Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Wow, what glamour! I am thinking the elegant turban look will be fabulous- very D.V. The twins are ridiculously adorable and I am volunteering to fly down there to help out with them if need be. Chin Up and YES YOU CAN.

Kathryn K.

Karla May said...

I saw this photo in The Chronicle, and gasped at its loveliness.

Stay strong, pretty mama!!