Monday, January 19, 2009

Rites of passage...and aliens

So, in between our usual coming and goings like preschool and cancer and such...Creed got his first set of stitches. Last week, I received a call from Emma, the director at Ecole - Creed had done one of his typical manoeuvres, twirled around, tripped and hit his chin on the edge of the table. Emma met us at the Children's Hospital ER and Creed happily followed behind her with his lunchbox, a book and a butterfly suture on his chin. It didn't faze him in the least. The 3 stitches were a bit more traumatic but he took it in stride - especially since the ER pediatrician was a familiar face, Zoie's mom from Ecole. Frankly, Evan and I were surprised it hadn't happened sooner with his crazy antics.

On Friday, I had outpatient surgery and had my port-a-cath inserted below my right collar bone. This will facilitate the infusion of the chemo drugs as opposed to pushing them through an IV every 2 weeks. There is a large lump on my chest and when I look in the mirror, I half expect an alien being to rumble and rear its head from the scar. It also throbs and is sore - that in itself is life-like enough...
I start chemo tomorrow: A/C treatments every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, followed by 4 Taxol treatments on the same schedule. As long as I can hold to that protocol - that is, I can sustain the chemo and my blood counts stay within range - I should finish the chemo in 4 months. My hair will fall out on day 12 to 14 so I am planning the preemptive strike. After a family photo photo session this weekend, Deborah will cut it very short and then we'll buzz it and do a smooth shave. Evan and I have a black tie event to attend on the 31st - assuming I feel well enough - so, bald or turban, what do you think?


La Turista said...

As for the chemo, a dear friend who just BEAT ovarian cancer told me that the best advice she got during treatment was to double up on her anti nausea meds. She said she was tired, but never barfy. And she got the hardest of the hard stuff.

As for the headwear query, I think I might take the opportunity to try on some new hair - something completely different than I usually have. Or I'd go with the gimme cap with the beer cans on either side.

Sending good thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

well since you asked. a cool wig! one that is different than your waist length blonde. how about a short shiny black bob (a la Cait Blanchette -sp?) in the last Raider movie.
a friend of mine did this,
what ever you do it will of course be fabulous.

hugs to tough creed.
caits georgia

Laura Lee said...

I've been following along for a copel weeks - silent - not exactly sure what to, or when to, say, anything! The recurring scream that is in my head is "How much shit can a god sling in any one direction! AARRGGHH! Hang in there! Know that you are loved and that those lovers are slinging WAY more love your way than any amount of shit can be slung! Please look for a little something in the mail by about Thursday of this week...

As for the bald or turbin... From a practical standpoint it totally depends on how many bumps you have on that hard head of yours!!

Peace out!

Love love love ya
Laura Lee!

Karla said...

While i think you could completely rock either look, for some reason I really see you workin' a turban like nobody's business. I also like the idea of the short black 20's bob.....

My friend here had that chemo-tube thing in her chest, she said it saved her alot of inconvenience from the chemo iv's. Her hair is growing back, a gorgeous silver cap. She also said 'take the anti nausea meds'.

I'm rootin' for you, Gail.

Chip said...

I haven't checked your blog recently, so when I went on today, I was stunned. I agree with Laura Lee's comment . . . this is the epitome of "piling on". But, I also know you, and I know you've got all the tools to make it through this latest challenge . . . strength, commitment, fortitude, determination, humor, and grace. I suspect you're not feeling so well right now, but I hope the first round of chemo went as well as it could yesterday. I sure you know that we all love you and we're supporting you, even if it's from 2000 miles away!


toxomaman said...

Thanks La Turista, Mb, Laura, Karla & Chip - It feels good to have people on my side...I'll try to keep you updated:)

lots of love back at you!