Thursday, January 22, 2009

The great debate...and Chemo #1

So, I've waffled back and forth and thought about starting another blog to discuss my cancer treatment but then I've reconsidered. I'm still the mom of the toxotwins, I am still parenting, I still have cancer - or at least am going through the weeks of chemo to make sure it's held at bay - not unlike the toxoplasmosis parasite that floats in my body as well as in the bodies of Creed & Zelda. So to separate the cancer from "Our life with the toxotwins" would seem as though I was trying to keep the two bubbles apart...they are intrinsically intertwined. I will pledge however, to try and not dwell too much on either one but to talk about them together as much as possible.

It's tough right now to have the energy to run with 3 1/2 yr old toddlers. They continue to astound me. Creed is soooo curious. He IS Curious George, the little monkey. He has officially entered the 50th percentile on the height and weight charts leaving behind his micro-preemie status of his 2 lb birth. He has opinions, asks questions and says "I need a hug". He responds regularly in French and seems to love going to Ecole.

As for Zelda, she is still ma petite puce...weighing in at just over 25lbs. She'll surely be a member of the "Stringbean Club" like her mom & dad. Z speaks more and more each day. Yesterday she counted to 20 in French while bouncing on the "big bed"! I attended another ARD meeting for her educational plan. She'll begin receiving speech therapy services in a few weeks to help with her articulation. I think it's harder, as seeing people, to imagine how a blind toddler learns to speak. She can imitate flawlessly but when she hurries and wants to pour out her words, they become garbled. She doesn't see the way our mouths move and can only do auditory imitation. I can almost see the wheels turning in her active little brain. Andrea, her TVI, will also up her visitation at Ecole to 3x/week. Two hours a week they work on concepts and pre-braille exercises. The 3rd session will focus on socialization and play. Zelda needs help learning to interact with the other kids. They all seem willing but need some guidance.

And I survived my first round of chemo. A saline drip, followed by anti-nausea meds, cytoxin and then the Red Devil - Adriamycin...I'm doing okay. No puking, just occasional dizziness, a mild headache and fatigue. This first round has so far been flawless as I wait for the other shoe to drop. I had my shot of Neulasta yesterday, to keep the white blood cell count from dropping too low - which is also of concern with that pesky toxo parasite - side effects from the shot 24/48 hrs later can include intense bone pain and flu like symptoms.

So that's it! Flowers arrived on my chemo day, friends have brought by dinners and each evening, someone arrives to help us deal with the twins at bedtime. Merci, merci mille fois...


kdg said...

Hi Gail,
its been a while since I checked your blog and to say I was stunned to learn about your cancer diagnosis and treatment is a total understatement. I am so sorry that you must travel this particular path in your life b/c it will be difficult; however, I know you will persevere, just as you do and have done with other challenges (i.e., IF, parenting twins and a special needs child, etc.) you have faced. I will definitely keep you and your family in my thoughts. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
P.S. I'm glad the kidlets are doing well. Camryn just turned three and weighed in at just under 24 pounds.

C.G said...

I'm a newish lurker here and I just wanted to say Good Luck with chemo, you don't seem like the type to let it slow you down too much :)

Wonderful to hear how well the twins are doing also!