Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring medical sweeps...kicking off the summer season...

So we just did a week of doctor's appointments. Most kids have a pediatrician and maybe a dentist. Zelda and Creed have a neurosurgeon, an Infectious Disease doctor, a pediatric opthamologist, a neurologist, a retinologist, as well as a retinal surgeon in LA and a Toxo Team in Chicago. Oh, and their pediatrician. We'll save the list of Zelda's therapists for a later entry.

Anyway, last week was our trip to Houston to see our favorite Tiki Gods - the neurosurgeons. As it turned out, the residents & interns have moved on and the other head Tiki has gone off to San Antonio so only one lone god remains. The twins have to check in every so often and have head CT's to make sure that their shunts are draining the fluid from their little brains in an appropriate fashion. They have had more CT's than I can possibly count so this time we were well prepared despite the fear of having to sedate them so they would hold still long enough. Anesthesia is definitely not their favorite experience nor is it mine when a 2 year old is involved. Luckily, they managed to avoid the sedation...could we possibly make it through 2008 without anesthesia? Their brains look great and the shunts are working. Creed's ventricles have actually shrunk and Zelda is perfectly stable. They will have these shunts throughout their entire lives and we just always will have to be aware of possible malfunction. But so far, so good!

This week, we saw their ID doctor. We check in with her to follow any reactivation of the evil Toxo Parasite. They'll live with this for their whole lives as well. C & Z are doing great! Having had the twins on their drug "cocktail" for the first 17 months of their lives has hopefully drowned those damn bugs - as least for now.

And then we saw their opthamologist...Creed's strabismus seems to be evening out. Months ago, his right eye - which has a scar on its retina from the Toxo - would turn in on occasion. Now it hardly turns in at all. Creed was a perfect patient. He performed like the perfect little show monkey - taking the tests, sitting still, curious and quiet. La petite Z-bomb earned her name accordingly. She exploded. No one can get near her eyes. She seals them closed and will have to be sedated this summer for a retinal exam. Damn! 2008 will not escape the anesthesia curse...If the Toxo was to rear its ugly head, it would most likely appear in the eyes so we have to be vigilant.

Anyway, we're readying the twins for their Montessori summer camp program. That means a visit to the pediatrician for their immunization records...

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