Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Sitting on a park bench...
snot running down his nose..."

Thanks, Jethro Tull...that image has remained with me since 1972 and now has entered my real life - on a daily basis. I have snotty nosed kids. Every day, clear to opaque, to yellow - no green yet. Sorry I have to be so graphic but one of our newest tasks is teaching them to blow their noses or at least letting us wipe them. When, oh when, will they dry up? Thankfully, aside from major post-nasal drip in the morning, they have no other symptoms.


On another note: we are on something like day 30+ of insane temperatures. These days, 95 degrees is considered temperate. Most days around 5pm are between 98 and 102...Creed cries for the "water pool" and Zelda wants to swing in the "hemmok" - and so do I, with a caipirinhia in hand.

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Megg said...

Oh my goodness, your babes are beautiful! Im book marking your blog:)

Megg (Love is Blind - babbler)