Saturday, June 7, 2008

RIP's and Bienvenues...

- RIP YSL: Yves Saint Laurent, the great French couturier, prodigy of Dior, and avid supporter of women wearing pants, died at the age of 71 in Paris. Each time I wear a man's tuxedo to a formal event, I think of him.

- RIP Allie: beloved dog of our friend Jason. She was a dear, gentle dog who would visit and let the kids roll all over her. Creed named his stuffed puppy "Owie" after her.

- BIENVENUE to the newest set of preemie twins: Emmanuelle & Max, born to friends Merritt & Pierre on the west coast. Can't wait to meet Manu & Max...They'll join other sets of twos in our world: Isabel & Michael, Jack & Alma, Jack & Ellie, Harriet & Maxine, Caitie & Georgia...we'll all have to have a party

And speaking of parties, tonight is our "50/50" party: A century of style. Evan and I have now both turned 50 in the past 2 months. And I'll tell you all now, it only gets better...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome new twins! I got teary when I saw you included Caitie and Georgia! That has to be my duo, right?

btw~WOW that's alot of dr. appt. but they sound great. and OMGosh on the seizure, it sounds awful but you are one strong Momma. funny I always picture Z with blue eyes, hmmmmm