Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The glasses have arrived!

Of course they are Italian and very stylish...I think Creed looks like a hip, American version of Harry Potter. Don't you?
He does so well with them and only tries to pull them off when they get dirty or he is tired. I'm so proud of him! And he gets great comments wherever we go. I guess it's uncommon to see a less-than-2yr old in spectacles. But just to recap, Creed has a scar on his right macula from the nasty toxo parasite. They think he can see around it - or possibly through it - no one knows for certain. What we do know is that his right eye is weaker and we need to even out his vision and keep those eyes working together. Without his glasses, if you cover his right (scarred) eye, he sees fine with the left. If you cover his left (good) eye and is left to see with his scarred eye, he gets cranky and pulls away. Thus the need for regulation so he will not develop what is called 'amblyopia' - we don't want that right eye to shut down completely and for him to become dependant on his unscarred eye.

Obviously his glasses aren't slowing him down:


Rowley said...

Hey guys, those are coolest glasses I've ever seen, I want some just like them! Look forward to seeing you all again one day soon, lots of love Rowley, Gemma & Fin

La Turista said...

They are so adorable. And I like the glasses, too.

Bookhart said...

Did Zelda get pink ones too? They are both adorable--glasses AND kidddos.