Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's a projector?

A blind child with some light perception was working with her teacher in school. The teacher had projected light on to a board. She asked "Do you see the circle?". The child responded "What's a circle? Do you mean the light?" The teacher responded, "Yes, its' coming from the projector." The child responded "What's a projector?"

Once again, this thrusts me into the reality of Zelda's world. We are currently working with the twins on eating with utensils. Creed sees me eat with a fork. I stab a piece of food. He eats it off of the fork. Then I stab another piece and he takes the fork and feeds himself. It's just that simple. Can he say fork? No, not yet. He is beginning to realize that the fork is a tool for feeding? I think so. Now Zelda, on the other hand, is given the fork to explore. She touches it, plays with it, puts it in her mouth - just as she does with almost any new object. She's in her booster seat so hopefully there is a relationship to eating going on there. But the idea of the fork being a helpful "tool" to get food into her mouth must not even enter her sharp little mind. It's a Lego, it's a doll, it's a rattle...I can only explain so much to a toddler. "Forks are used for eating." But her hands work perfectly fine...who needs a fork?


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