Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New flash: Zelda likes hills.

Apparently, according to our nanny, Zelda loves the hills at the park. She sits, she smiles and she rolls. Then, she does it again. I can't wait to see this. She is all about discovering her own unassisted movement but also, how she affects the movement of others. Another new favorite trick is to push us over and then pull us back up. Usually Evan will be sitting and she'll grab his shirt, smile and push. Then, when he's down, she'll pull him back up and repeat this several times. We'll say "Up" and "Down". She'll also stand between my knees and push them open and pull them closed. They say that toddlers like to perform repetitive actions in discovering their own forces upon the world. Creed will open and close drawers or doors. It's interesting that Zelda uses people.

It's difficult to photograph la petite Z because she often has her head down. But here's a photo from right after eye surgery - not too happy...but then, a few days later: woo-hoo! the towel dance!!!

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Karla said...

does that skirt come in grown up sizes?