Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's over, it's over now...Chemo #8

at least the chemo part is...arrived at the office at 9h30 and met with Dr H. Went over tons of questions. Even with the chemo and rads, with my Triple Negative diagnosis, I still have a 15% recurrence rate over the next 3 years. Shit. So, there will be a lot of testing going on and lots of dr visits, scans, etc.

Yesterday was a good day, despite the massive amounts of drugs: they hooked me up to a saline drip, then administered a double dose of benadryl (yawn!), anti-nausea & steroids, my legs began to switch & squirm so they shot me with Ativan, and finally my last 3 hour drip of Taxol - woo-hoo! My friend Deborah woke me up with a surprise visit and Sandy, another survivor/fighter was there for a treatment. A friend of a friend, Patty, was in the spa longer next to me getting her last treatment. Evan arrived with flowers and champagne for all...the nurses threw confetti, I received a certificate. And then the best thing ever was ringing the bell on the way out the door: so many cheering, clapping and smiling faces from the other cancer patients still in their chairs. Evan, Deb and I went and had pastries and then to pick up the precious little imps we call Creed & Zelda.

Today, I have to go buy another car...not really...but that's what Evan's calls my Neulasta shot. The last shot at $7600+. Each time I receive that shot in my belly, Evan will say,"That's a KIA" or "That's a Hyundai"...I think I'd prefer a SMARTcar. What can $61,184 buy these days?? But it is my LAST NeuLASTa shot so I expect those nasty SE's to set in tonight or tomorrow. So, it IS over, but not really...


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail!

I think that's the most color I have ever seen you wear (the confetti) : )

deborah d. lattimore said...

i'm soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!! love evan's neulasta/car idea. since i've started taking more pain meds, i don't feel any of the SEs of neulasta, so i don't dread the infusion tomorrow at all. i take benadryl before i get to the spa so that cuts down on infusion time, plus i had a horrible reaction to 50mg benadryl infusion the last time. mon amie, felicitations!!! xoxoxo

RS said...

Only you could look so cool while having having chemo!!
You are amazing!! Hope we get to see you if you come to Chicago this summer...Fin misses his friends!
Cheers Rowley x