Monday, April 13, 2009

a postmodern easter...

...forget to prepare Easter baskets for your kids, grab some empty containers of tupperware, throw in some shredded grass, put in a chocolate egg or two...then dress them in some snappy clothes and go out and buy ice cream...

P.S. Treatment #7 tomorrow...a month left of chemo, then surgery, then 6 weeks of radiation - end in sight? I'm squinting to see it...


Anonymous said...

and they had a great time!!! I ran to the 'evil empire' (walmart - yikes) while my gf watched the twins and kept my champagne chilled.

also my girls have the same dress as beautiful Z!!!

scanning the horizon with you for that end in sight.

happy belated easter.

Anonymous said...

a while ago you asked me for my email here it is sorry I forgot! Don't feel like you need to send me a note, I know how crazed you are. Love to the kiddos.
mb caitie georgia