Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm liking this photo, etc...

- I like this photo taken by our friend Todd...I look fairly happy and carefree and Evan & I are holding hands.

- On Tuesday, I had my 3rd Taxol treatment (#7 out of 8 total) and am now dealing with the aftermath...side effects after the Neulasta shot include sore skin, achiness, extreme fatigue and then other loveliness like: the soles of my feet are peeling, my finger nails are looking really scary and I am so very afraid they'll fall off, my hands ache and my taste buds are shot to hell. Nothing tastes good...if I even get a craving for something, I immediately try to find it to satisfy at least a small bit of this constant dissatisfaction. Yesterday, Evan went out and found me a bacon cheeseburger. Now I am about to eat some saffron orzo.

- I have a little less than a month of chemo remaining - that is, only 1 actual treatment but the 2 weeks following are far worse than the infusion. On Tuesday, Dr H went over the schedule and basically said that after the last chemo and the 2 weeks of side effects, I'll be expecting to feel great. Well, doesn't work like that. I'll still feel tired and shitty. Oh, and there's still surgery to remove my port and then radiation for 6 weeks. So, things may be lightening up in July.

- I need to escape and go off somewhere...and find something that I want to eat or drink, besides Coca Cola.

- It's pouring rain - which is wonderful - but there should be a huge Hot Rod show in town this weekend which means $$ at the shop. We'll see...BUT, at least the twins had their farm field trip yesterday. Creed likes chickens. Zelda likes cows. She says they say "Moo" and eat strawberries and spaghetti. Cool.

- Friends arrive from Marfa tonight to stay in Terminal B (our guesthouse) far this winter/spring we have had friends in town from: Colorado, Connecticut, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, New York and soon West Texas and then, France.

- This weekend includes: Starting with last night - the opening of a new seafood restau that Evan worked on. Hot Rod show tonight on the street - my shop stays open 'til 10pm and we'll serve margaritas. Saturday: another set of twins' 4th birthday party, art opening for artist friend from Marfa at Yard Dog, Breast Cancer Resource Center's annual fundraiser: Graphic 3. I'll be modeling an "art bra". And finally the Speed Shop's having a party featuring the Reverend Horton Heat and a ton of people.
Want to take bets on how many of these events I'll actually attend?

- My little sis started chemo yesterday and Mom has done 2 or 3 weeks of radiation.



Karla said...

You look like a rock star in the picture. Really.

You are ALMOST THROUGH IT. Keep strong, keep going. Almost done.

...and, isn't it nicer to be too busy than not busy enough? Think of all the friends you've got who want to be there for you!

How's your sis?

deborah d. lattimore said...

i'm liking this photo too. a LOT. you both look wonderful and happy. i love your beautiful head!!!!
it amazes me that we are on exactly the same schedule with taxol and radiation. the one extra week off, although i was annoyed, was good for me. i got to see what it feels like to have all the side effects go away and feel normal again, even for a week. the neuropathy finally went away completely. that's a good sign. my taste buds came back once i finished AC. i had chemo #7 yesterday and i feel terrific - but we know what happens later today after the neulasta. mais mon amie! we are really almost finished! my last taxol is scheduled for may 1, and my radiation mapping is scheduled for may 4. then 2-3 weeks later i will start radiation, 36 treatments. so for both of us, surely my mid-july we will have ALL OF THIS behind us! enfin! i'm looking so forward to finally meeting you one day. we'll make it happen. bises, deborah

Anonymous said...

Annie Lenox and her handsome cowboy.
I'd like it too!