Friday, March 27, 2009

I don't have cancer...

I have chemo...and I am ignoring it. If I wasn't going through treatment, I would never know I had cancer. But the side effects after Taxol were tough, really tough and when they hit, 2 days after the infusion last week, I was on that damn rollercoaster. Coming down off the rollercoaster was equally as difficult. So when I started feeling better, I, of course wanted to be productive.
So...Monday I went for my bra fitting - fairly amusing for someone who has never bought a bra in her entire life! The Breast Cancer Resource Center does a calendar and fashion show each year featuring women/survivors wearing some amazing art bras created by local and national luminaries. The runway show is April 18th - I'll post more info soon.
Tuesday...I was knocked on my ass again and slept, but also worked a bit.
Wednesday...they sent Creed home from Ecole with a 101 fever...he didn't seem to mind at all and wanted to play outside. Evan and I started to clean up the guest house for Karen, Mike and Zoe who arrive from PA today!
Thursday...arrived at UT's fashion dept at 9h30 and was there until 1pm. Each year for the past 8 or 9, I have helped critique the seniors' apparel design portfolios. It's interesting to see their progress as well as the growth in the program over the years. Their technical skills have definitely improved but there still seems to be a lack of understanding in deriving inspiration, building a collection as well as being able to verbalize and fix upon an idea. They are missing the point of the process...I go back with other judges in 3 weeks to decide on final awards before their runway show.
Whoops - I almost forgot: yesterday was my birthday:) Evan and I snuck out for dinner at Olivia, the wonderful restaurant owned by our friends James & Christina. We were treated to an amazing meal and Gracias Cynthia! for taking care of the twins.
Friday...our friends from PA arrive today - woo-hoo! We miss them and haven't seen them in a year and we'll meet 1 1/2 yr old Zoe for the first time.
Saturday...Oh my...I am sitting on a panel at the Blanton Museum for their new exhibit "Birth of Cool"...there will be 6 of us responding to questions about the birth of cool, its manifestations here in Austin, how is it's defined...hhmmmm.
Also, there's a kids' birthday party, an open house for our guests and I am sure something else.
Sunday...Evan and I hope to go out to Warrenton/Round Top - the big antique show/flea market that happens twice a year. Rows and rows, miles and miles of vendors and dealers and friends selling their treasures. We rarely miss it and have taken the twins with us several times. I like it better than the Rose Bowl Flea Market as it is in a little Texas town in dusty fields and tents...

All of this has/is happening before I go in next Tuesday for more chemo, I mean cancer, I mean will be #6...


deborah d. lattimore said...

belated happy birthday, mon amie!!!
you are living a very rich and fully life, despite chemo. you inspire me. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! You show 'em how to have cancer!
Your CT fans
MB Caitie Georgia

Anonymous said...

Opps I mean 'chemo'

La Turista said...

Oh, so many things to say!
First, Happy Birthday! Also, I've been wanting to check out Olivia AND that Blanton exhibit, so you're adding things to my to-do list for me.
And tomorrow, I'm heading to some early(?) bird sales in W/RT, including the 20% sale at Leftovers in Brenham - two full containers fresh off the boat!
Finally, I haven't commented in a while, but I'm keeping up with your progress and wishing you great, great health for your birthday. So kick #6's ass next week.

Karla May said...

Catching up on your blog, and realizing a) that I missed your b-day, so HAPPY BELATED and b) you're a wonderful Aries like my wonderful BH!

Hope each day is getting easier because each day you're getting a little bit more of your health back.