Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku on a thursday...

fuzzy brain hurts thoughts
skinny ass in bloatedness
swallow no more pills

*on another note, I met with a personal chef this week whose services will be provided to us by more generous friends. She is experienced with cooking for cancer patients as well as toddlers and families. She starts next week...


deborah d. lattimore said...

you know i'm thinking of you, mon amie, and counting the days until we have all this behind us. thank you for all your comments on my blog. let's just hang in there and get through this. xoxo

Anonymous said...

re: Haiku
excellent and heartbreaking

re: chef
beautiful loving friends have beautiful loving friends.


Anne Boucher said...

Thank you so much for your postings...something that must be exhausting to do, and yet so important! It is not TMI, it is really important. Your strength is inspiring. My love to you and your mom, and Evan, Creed and Zelda!