Wednesday, March 11, 2009 acronym

So, a few weeks ago, Evan and I attended the twins' Parent-Teacher conferences at Ecole. Despite the fact that we see our children as wonderful and "normal" in their own little ways, we are always filled with the dreaded: "Are they going to kick us out?" However...this time it was the: "Are they going to ask us back next year?" As I've mentioned before, we love Ecole. It's 18-20 kids in the entire school, 3 teachers in a Montessori environment and they speak French all day long. Since my illness, the twins leave with Evan at 8am and when Ecole lets out at 2h45pm, they stay with their beloved Madame Z until 5pm.

Back to the photo above...Credence Paul C. V.'s latest escapade. Madame H, the wonderful French woman who created Ecole first talked about la petite Z. But I'll skip to Creed. Since he started to walk, Creed has been distracted by everything. He really is Curious George: smiling, adorable, kind, playful and well, not always graceful. Creed will crane his neck to look at a bus and walk into a telephone pole. He'll get so excited to see a squirrel and fall off a curb. Madame H started by saying she's worried for his safety and apparently, the accident happened. Creed was running in the play ground, wasn't looking and went flying over a wagon. He always wears his glasses and they hit forming a near perfect shiner. It happened exactly one week after she predicted it would happen. I chalk it up to his age, his immaturity and his ever present enthusiasm and curiosity. Madame H is concerned with his focus and attention span. He is quiet but likes to wander in class. He listens but you need to take his cheeks in your hands to get him to look at you. Could it be early signs of those acronyms that begin with "A"? They say it's too early to tell. For goodness sakes, he's a 3 1/2 yr old boy. He was born 3 months early at 2 lbs and has 2 shunts in his brain. Friends with little boys say to follow my mother's intuition. We have the name of a neuropsychologist. We'll see.

Oh, and P.S. They do want us back next year!

Oh, and P.P.S. Don't you just love this sleepy black-eyed photo?


cd0103 said...

Oh, bless his heart.

C.G said...

oh my poor little guy!

And also.. what 3 1/2 year old boy isn't distractible and curious??

Anonymous said...

He is my cutie pie! Next time I stay with him, however, we are going over to Pete's FlatTop Shop!!! (just kidding and torturing you)
Your ever lovin' sista,

toxomaman said...

To anonymous who posted the great comment about about your 5 yr old daughter - thanks! Somehow in trying to approve it, I lost it and it can't be retrieved. Maybe I pressed the wrong button with my chemo fuzzy chemo finger...anyway, Thanks again:)

sisi said...

I think one day he will be very proud of his first perfect shiner....xoxo