Monday, December 22, 2008

HO, HO, HOpe...

It's beginning to look a lot like, our week goes something like this.

Sunday: Errands, waffle party, work

Monday: "Uncle" Seth arrives from Telluride and "Uncle" Craig arrives from New Haven. Evan has nicknamed them the Swedish bachelors; they come every Christmas and we eat, make movies and catch up on the news of the year.

Tuesday: 7am - Zelda goes in for an MRI on her brain and her orbits...looking to see that her eyes and sockets are growing accordingly.

Wednesday: 8am - my first visit to the oncologist to discuss a treatment plan. Things are going as well as they possibly could. The final pathology results showed the margins removed along with the tumor are clear. The 3 (count 'em 3!) sentinel nodes are clear. They say the cancer is stage 1 and it's good that I caught it early. Oh, and the HER2 came back negative - not sure exactly what that means but I do know that you don't want it to be positive. So, on Wednesday we'll get a plan of attack be it chemo or radiation or both...and then possibly a second and third opinion. I am feeling well...just still tired and sore after the last weeks surgery.

I guess the best part of Christmas Eve will be our Reveillon meal...Seth will cook up our annual feast for dinner. I'm thinking foie gras...

Thursday: Merry Christmas! Off to the 'burbs to be with the entire family and guests.

AND, un grand merci to all for the good wishes, prayers, karma, Native Amercain spirit bags, natureopathic remedies, childcare, handholding, and flowers ... oh, the flowers!

Zelda and I are still debating about our trip to Paris for the 200eme anniversaire de Louis Braille on January 4th. We would have to leave on New Year's Eve but it looks as though traveling with a toodler while recovering from surgery may not be the best choice, but I AM feeling brave...on verra...


La Turista said...

It sounds very merry and bright ovah there! Happy Holidays!

Jennifer said...

I was just catching up on your blog in anticipation of our annual Austin piligrimage. We will look for you as we wander around S.Congress. If we don't see you, Evan & the twins we send you all love. (I was going to say we send courage, hope & strength, but you completely out-do us on those qualities)

Jen & Leon from DC

Karla May said...

Holy cow! I just caught up reading your posts from 12/15 to now. Dang, woman!! But you're right: your news is as positive as it could be when it comes to The Big C.

Blessings and health in this new year, my dear.