Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaving town...

Just a quick check-in to say that Mom & Dad are leaving town...yes, Evan & I are taking 5 days of much needed R & R at a private villa in Jamaica with college friends from Yale. We are sooooo looking forward to this. The twins will be spending time with their wonderful Auntie S who will stay at the house. Auntie C will serve as chauffeur back & forth to Ecole. And Creed & Zelda will also have a night away at the Tunnel Trail Sleep Away Camp courtesy of our friends, Kat & Don. They'll be so busy that they won't even know we're gone. We'll be staying here...our own cook, rum drinks, a private beach and uninterrupted sleep.

Whoopee, I'll check in when we get back...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mom & Dad,
We are having a great time w/Aunt Shakti & Aunt Kia. They are taking good care of us & making us laugh. We are now officially spoiled. You can take an extra week off if you'd like. Tonight it's Tunnel Trail Sleep Away Camp - packed up Moby & Allie and we're ready to hit it after Ecole. We miss you!
Love, C&Z