Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zelda's vacation...

"Exam under anesthesia both eyes. Fundus photos. Fluorescein engiography both eyes. Possible Pars Plana vitrectomy w/ membrane peeling either eye."

So, we leave for California on Sunday. Her exam is on Monday. Just keep the Z-bomb in your thoughts. I know she'll be fine but it still sucks.

And what are you doing for your vacation?...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it really sucks. For me, it has become easier with time but it is not, nor will it ever be, easy. I hope the EUA goes well. Of course I will keep Z in my thoughts. I will be checking here for updates on how it all goes. Please keep C in your thoughts as well b/c her next eye surgery is scheduled for the 12th.
Kelly and Camryn
P.S. Congrats again on being named to the Fortunate 500! I think your neighborhood sounds wonderful! I would trade my kid's playhouse in a heartbeat to give them that kind of priceless gift.

Karla May said...

Results? Please share your news... This absence from cyberland has me worried.

Anonymous said...

Yes please, We're also getting nervous. Hopefully you are just too busy having fun in CA.

Caitie & Georgia