Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh so "Fortunate" again...

Once again, Evan and I have been named to the list for "Style Makers" of the Fortunate 500 in our fair town. It's always a humbling and pleasant surprise that invokes a bit of reflection...
One aspect of our good fortune lies in our neighborhood. Despite the fact that our family of 4 currently lives in an 800 sq ft bungalow that was built in the 1930's (more on the "Project" later) and we don't have a back yard for the twins to play is urban living at its best. We live less than 100 yds from the most happenin' street in town.

Our evenings go something like this: after dinner and before bedtime, we take a family walk.
-We check in at my boutique to see how they did for the day and as we pass by the other shops, we wave and share news with their employees. Creed & Zelda like to run into the salon next door and visit the girls.
-On up to Jo's where the employees will give Creed his nightly banana and we chat with whoever's around...followed by a tour around the outdoor bar at the San Jose and a hello to the fishes in the fountain. No time for cocktails as there's music across the street at the Continental Club - that means dancing on the sidewalk to some country swing.
-Up to Gueros where the garden is filled with diners waiting for a table and more music! We dance to Ponty Bone or Los Flames - Zelda jumps and smiles and Creed runs and drums.
-Back down the hill to the terrace of Mars where Olivier Giraud is playing guitar with Paris 49 - we get our French fix of music for the evening.
-Another stop at Jo's where the Vampire Weekend/Spoon wannabes - i.e. hipster guys in skinny jeans are playing music before they show a film in the parking lot. Creed likes to say "Mosh pit!" and imitate them with his air guitar.
-A final stop at El Sol y La Luna where a wonderful cumbia band with a mariachi guitar invites us to dance with the other patrons....

So yes, we are fortunate...we may not have a swing set or walk-in closets (at least not yet!) or our own swimming pool, but our kids will grow up with music, friendly faces and a neighborhood filled with adventure.

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La Turista said...

I'd like to take that stroll myself - sounds perfect!