Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reasons why I am glad that August is over...

After the birth of the twins and living through their time in the NICU, their illness and surgeries, I swore that I would never wish for the passing of time. Each day needs to be cherished and treasured. But some days/weeks just plain suck - it's just that simple. Not to say that September will be any easier, here are reasons why I am glad that August is over:

- Business sucks and no one is spending any money this summer in my shops or anywhere else on the street.

- I am tired of seeing co-eds in flipflops with ironed hair and cell phones glued to their ears not understanding the concept of style or elegance. Please bring on fall and the holiday season!

- Zelda has had a snotty nose for the past 3 weeks. I'm tired of boogers.

- I have had absolutely no luck in finding a 2 day a week morning daycare in which to enroll the twins into a 'socializing' situation.

- The city as well as the attorney we have hired have still not resolved the stalled building permits issue concerning our house remodel.

- My dad had a massive heart attack but today he was discharged from the hospital.

So with that last reason, September is already better than August. So long summer...


La Turista said...

Sorry about your dad - I'm glad he's home. And I think I'm pretty ready for fall myself.

Karla said...

As August is my birth month I have always had a certain fondness for it. For me it always meant change and excitement, going back to school, new fall clothes and a new start.

Here fall means all the girls wearing the same damned skinny jeans, too tight sweaters and hooded jackets. They all wear the same thing and in Fall it really becomes evident. AT least in summer some of them wear cute dresses.


Sorry about your dead, glad he is out of the hospital.

Oh and Rich has had a snotty nose all week, too, so I am also tired of boogers. Luckily he's old enough to take care of his own!

Karla said...

Ur, um, I meant DAD not dead. Very bad slip on my part, I am a very bad typist and sometimes it comes out very wrong.....sorry...sorry.