Monday, September 24, 2007

Just had to pick up a little something...


Left Austin on friday morning and a mere 7 hours later we were in Marfa for El Cosmico - a lovely weekend in the dry desert sun and dirt filled with friends, barbeque, and live music. The weather was glorious and the kids were in rare form - happy and enjoying the wide open spaces.

The kids were dying to go shopping at Prada so we just had to stop by and hit the summer sale. No really, for those that don't know - the Prada Marfa installation is "art". The sealed shop sits on the side of the desert highway and collects bugs and dust and amuses/confuses passers-by. Over the years it will continue to decay and sift back into the desert floor. Just 35 miles from the art community of Marfa (made famous by Donald Judd settling there in the 1970's), the Prada cube has been there for 2 years or so now. The story I love is that vandals actually broke in
and stole a shoe or two - they only display 1 shoe of each pair for just that reason, to deter thieves. I guess someone out in west Texas is walking around in an extremely well-shod left foot.

Meanwhile back at El Cosmico, others were camping in vintage trailers and tents but we were lucky enough to have the use of a lovely house in town. I couldn't really imagine camping with 2 year old, over-stimulated twins who were pumped up on crazy meal schedules, music until the wee hours and dogs everywhere! We settled in quite nicely to our minimalist abode and drank in the atmosphere of the West Texas light.


La Turista said...

That sounds so fun - I love Marfa. And my fake Prada.

buck johnston said...

Hey: Great seeing the family in Marfa. Thanks for stopping by our place. I am in love with Zelda. She did something to my heart as we were touring the backyard and listening to birds and jumping on the diving board and rollin' around with sand paper and playing "threshold" as she grabbed my hand.

We hope to see you at Open House. With love.

hotpinksox said...

I thought I better stop lurking and comment. I love that Zelda is looking in the window at Prada and Creed is taking a shopping break.

Thanks for sharing.