Thursday, May 17, 2007

What a week...Mother's Day, etc...a puking diary

Saturday: Walk America 2007 - Team Toxotwins raised over $8000! Thanks to all who donated and to our family and friends who participated. Next year we'll have team t-shirts!

Saturday midnight: Zelda wakes up vomiting.

Sunday a.m.: Zelda is still vomiting. We call the Ped. helpline, they say to take her to the ER due to her fragile history.

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day. We spend from 8am - 1pm in the ER. Zelda's head CT and shunt series x-rays come back normal. She gets a Zofran pill to control the vomiting and we go home. She pukes again at 9pm. Nice. Curdled milk all over me.

Sunday p.m.: She has a fitfull sleep with us. Creed sleeps peacefully - no symptoms on his end.

Monday a.m.: Zelda will only take milk, no Pedialite or anything else. Of course, she pukes again. We are fairly certain it is not a shunt malfunction thanks to the ER visit but we are concerned about our skinny little 'puce'(flea). We go to see Dr Ruiz the pediatrician. Her blood work is fine, her abdominal xray is normal. Could it just be a virus? La petite Z really can't afford to be losing any weight.

Tuesday a.m.: Z hasn't puked in 24 hours - whew! I was getting tired of doing laundry. But now her left eye is inflamed and swollen. Back to see Dr Ruiz. He gives us drops and says it's almost certainly a result of the virus and sends us home.

Wednesday a.m.: No puking in 48 hours and Z's eye is starting to look better. Dr McLeod has called from Chicago. The word is out there that our toxotwin is ailing. We need to be certain to monitor all symptoms as illness in a toxo baby can be different than in a 'healthy' child. We go to see Dr Timothy George, a neurosurgeon stand-in for our Tiki Gods, as Houston is a bit far to travel for a check-up. He checks out both twins and gives them the thumbs up.

Today: Zelda seems to be getting back to normal - eating, dancing, chatting. Tonight we'll go to an art opening with the kids at Women & their Work Gallery featuring the photos of our friend Denise Prince-Martin. Tomorrow, Scott - her vision therapist - comes for the last time before we head off next week to California.


La Turista said...

What a week is right. Once when Olive puked curdled milk, she said, "Mommy - where'd that yogurt come from? Is that tummy yogurt?"

Bookhart said...

Oh, toxomaman, I feel for you. I've been there. Our Wonder Boy has what has been diagnosed as "cyclic vomiting syndrome" which has landed us in the ER five times in the last 2 years. Usually on a weekend.

Glad to hear she is on the mend. Hope your mental equilibrium is mending too. (That takes longer, I've found).

toxomaman said...

Yes, the vomiting definately 'stinks'! Thanks for relating you guys:) She is definately on the mend and as feisty as ever...