Friday, May 11, 2007

The Fortunate 500

Once a year, the Austin American Statesman puts out a list of 500 "movers & shakers" in town that influence different areas in our community such as food, politics, media, heritage, philanthropy, etc. Since its inception, Evan & I have made the list for "Style/Fashion". We appreciate the recognition but also question their choice. For at times, usually at our lowest moments, it feels like the emperors new clothes. It's all smoke & mirrors and the public is buying it. Not that we don't have a wonderful life together with our twins; it's the other stuff, the day to day paying of the bills, running our businesses, trying to build up on our house, worrying about medical issues.

As far as the name "Fortunate 500" goes...when I see the other names on the lists, so many of them are major players. The couples with buildings named after them. The women who married "well". The old Austin families who donate lots of money. Sure, they may be fortune-ate. But we are so lucky in other ways:

-we have each other. My partner in life is wildly intelligent, creative, silly and "stylish", too.

-our kids are alive and flourishing beyond all expectations from the medical community.

-my entire family now lives nearby and my parents, who are in their 80's, are alive & kicking (and swimming, playing golf and the latest - playing pool!)

-we have such good friends that have supported us through all of our trials and tribulations and continue to take an interest in our lives and those of our children.

-we are healthy as we move past our 40's into our 50's.

-we continue to challenge ourselves both intellectually and creatively to produce things in our community.

That's only 6 things I am lucky enough to have. I am sure that I could think of 494 more...


Karla said...

You are truly fortunate but even more importantly, and something I have always admired about you, is that you have always had a strong sense of self and never let things like that 500 list affect or change who you are. I always thought it was cool that you followed your own path as an individual and an individualist.

Bookhart said...

Your phrase "beyond all expectations from the medical community" hit home for me. As the mother of a 9-year-old with a few medical issues, I have learned to take everything I hear from specialists with a grain of salt. The only thing I've figured out is that doctors have to tell you the worst. And that your kids turn out to be wonderful, creative individuals nonetheless.

Shakti said...

And I am fortunate to have YOU for a sister! xoxox

Anonymous said...

It is so important in life to be self-aware and I marvel at your strength. You can count being a great writer and inspiration to your 500.

toxomaman said...

Thanks. You are all too kind. Sometimes I feel as if I am just treading water...but then I think of my fortunate 500 reasons:)