Saturday, May 5, 2007

Was Helen Keller a virgin?

Forgive me for focusing too much on the future but as any parent knows, there are concerns for the development of one's child. Not only do these concerns encompass growing emotionally, physically and cognitively but they also include the intake of information. This brings me to Zelda and her reception of tasks/events in day to day living that the sighted world takes for granted. I continue to search for literature describing the raising of a blind child that explains the real "dirt". Helen Keller's autobiography was ground-breaking for her time but frankly it bored the beejesus out of me. Yes, she was an amazing woman that was extremely intelligent and overcame many obstacles. She read tons of books in many languages. She traveled far and wide. But I want to know: How were her drawers arranged so that she could dress herself in the morning? How did she learn to run without fear? Or wasn't she afraid? How did she comprehend puberty when she couldn't see that movie in 5th grade? What was it like for her when she first got her period? Did she feel the blood? Did she smell it? How did she know when her period had ended? Did she ever feel a penis? How was that introduced to her? (no puns intended) How could she tell if there was food stuck between her teeth after eating? If someone was giving her correct change and not shorting her a ten? Or that she was being charged the correct amount on her credit card receipt?

I guess I'll keep a running list of questions. I'll ask every blind person that I meet. I'll ask other parents that have blind kids. I'm sure that we'll come up with a plan. I just wish that someone would write a tell-all guide and let me in on the techniques. But have no fear, Zelda is a bright little pistol and she'll probably figure it all out before we do...

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