Monday, July 9, 2012

Il pleut, il pleut à verse.

When it rains it pours. Man, I need my Lexapro. Zelda shattered the glass door of the wasn't a good system anyway (do you hear the justification in my voice?). 2 broken goblets: those we can replace at IKEA - say it: EE-KAY-AH. But an entire shower door, BHV here I come! Thank the gods that Manu (one of my dear French bachelor friends of 25 years) was here for dinner...I felt myself cracking this weekend and invited him for pizza with the dynamic duo (Creed and Zelda - of course!) Creed insisted on wearing his full Mariachi suit out into the streets of the Marais to pick up our delightfully "couture" pizza. Creed had another migraine this morning; it lasted 1 1/2 hours, complete with vomiting and photophobia. I spoke with a lovely pediatrician and am trying to regulate his food intake, hydration and sleep. Why would almost 7 year olds want to sleep when it's light out until 11pm? Ah...summer in Paris. I remember living here and going to the movies, to an evening show and coming out of the theatre and having it still be daytime - in the nighttime. And then after a walk along the Seine we would go to see the midnight show of "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill" that showed without question every night at 24h. So, who can explain nighttime that looks like daytime to a kid that wants to invite everyone over for a party? Sometimes Creed will ask: "Mom, is it breakfast time or lunch?" As for Zelda, she is having a full body experience...she is experiencing Paris with all of her weight of 40 lbs. She needs to push against everything, everyone and feel the pressure, feel things move, feel her power...she has become quite good at saying "Pardon" as she takes off ("Mom, let me do it!") on her own, down the streets of our neighborhood. But alas, not everyone or thing likes to be pushed against : old French women, kids on the playground, shower doors... But today was my last day of "freedom" before I start teaching tomorrow. Malou - our nounou - came and took the kids to the parc. I worked on my syllabus, went and made photocopies, took the métro to Barbès to peruse the fabric stores of remnants - and yes, bought a few metres (oh, there is one color I will present in the fall besides black!) and then, met another old friend of 25 years. The sunset was lovely from the terrasse and as Creed fell asleep to the Elvis special on TV, he remarked, "Why does this guy's voice sound like the Dad on Dinosaur Train?" (For those of you NOT in the know, it's a kids' cartoon on PBS). As for la petite Zelda, headphones on, she was "Rolling in the Deep" with Adele, in an instant...Bonne nuit de Paris...

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ron said...

Zelda's other senses seem to becoming even stronger as she explores the world through other sensations. Patience as she learns to master and control how she perceives the world.

I, too, recall how the late evening light lingered into the night as sunlight refused to give way to darkeness - le crepiscule. Looking forward to hearing about les aventures avec nounou.

Hope your first class goes well. Tell us more about what you are teaching. As an old teacher I am always curious to learn what others are learning.

Bonne chance and courage, mon amie.