Monday, July 2, 2012


So, our Air France flight was really was. That is until we arrived in Paris, got set up in our wonderful apartment and started to unpack. And then I began discovering that things were missing. We checked 4 bags this year and I shipped 2 boxes ahead as we are here in Paris for 2 months and I didn't want to have to buy everything here. As I unpacked the 2 larger bags, nothing looked disturbed, until I realized items were missing and I started to panic. First, where was my favorite Dries Van Noten bag that I have carried for years? I had laid it across my clothes and it was gone. My Rick Owens shoes - gorgeous stilettos - that I didn't pack with my other shoes in another valise. Gone. A ziplock bag of shampoo, body cream, toothpaste and brushes - gone. Another bag housed an unlocked cellphone lent to me by a friend - gone. Many other various pieces - a plastic box of Zelda's sunglasses - literally worth $15 - they took them! Creed had packed 3 of his favorite hats - they took those, too. But perhaps the biggest slap in the face was the meds...last summer in Paris, we ran out of meds and eventually Zelda had a seizure here. This year we contacted the doctors, the pharmacies, and the insurance company - we ordered double doses of Zelda's seizure meds as well as my Lexapro (a still necessary evil that I continue to take after cancer treatment & surgeries). We thought we were all set. But no....I packed the extra bottles in our checked luggage and thankfully took about a month's worth on board with me. Evan just informed me today that the insurance company and pharmacy will replace our meds for much for Air France, they just asked me to fill out forms, and more forms and more phone calls. I fully expect to see my Rick Owens shoes on e-bay. And "Eh, connards! I will bid on them!!"
dodo en Premier Voyageur on Air France...


moxiestylie said...

i'm so sorry people can be so merde-y but glad to know you are there safe and the essential meds will be replaced.

it SUCKS to have dear beloved belongings stolen but what a better place to be in to do a little shopping!

love to you & the littles - enjoy the beautiful city and try not to let the pitiful actions of those jackasses bum you out too long.

molly & jasper

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the lost items. But I am glad you are posting again. I used to read your posts on inciid a long time ago.