Sunday, June 17, 2012

My kids are still cool...but I am lazy...

The first day of Kindergarten was a breeze compared to the last day. So many emotions, so much growth, so many stories, so much change...and here we are at the end of the school year - readying to spend another summer in Paris. I guess that I can only highlight the change and growth that happened within our family with these amazing twins: Creed: had the most wonderful teacher - Mr L. After 3 years of female teachers in French preschool, he was now in a classroom of 21 boys and girls with Mr L. Creed responded like a champ despite some learning difficulties. As yet undiagnosed, he is full of energy, creativity and imagination yet has trouble with retention, symbol recognition, and handwriting. He had a great tutor this spring and advanced by leaps and bounds but we have a long way to go in 1st grade. Creed-isms and pertinent questions: "Mom, do you love yourself?" "Why, yes Creed. I do. Do you love you love yourself?" "Yes, I think I'm pretty great." When his Kindergarten teacher was murdered this past New Year's he told his class: "I know we are all sad but let's think about all of the good times." Creed and Zelda both loved Miss Esme very much. When I told Creed that he would be spending a week at a day camp with a bunch of boys, he asked: "Mom, is this a sports camp? Because I am not really a sports guy." Creed is wildly imaginative, writes books, makes up stories and tells tall tails. He won the Energy Award at day camp and was definitely the "cool cat" of Kindergarten. He likes to be kind and helpful and his latest endeavor is cooking: the other day he created grilled cheese nachos with rosemary. Now as we ready for Paris again - in just 2 short weeks - we'll see what adventures he has in store.

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