Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yee haw! Kindergarten Round up...

...I guess it's a Texas thing, as that's what they call the Orientation when they invite the future fall Kindergarteners to see their school. Creed, Zelda, Evan and I showed up early yesterday morning to the cafeteria where we were handed 2 huge packets of forms to fill out, and tons of info on the PTA, I am not sure I can even go there yet with volunteering - as I am still serving as the Board President for Ecole...sigh.

Next, the K teachers arrived and the kids were divided up to spend an hour in a real classroom with other equally suspicious, terrified or clueless 5 year olds. I'd have to say that Creed was suspicious and Zelda: clueless, but it all went quite flawlessly.

Now, it's back to solidifying our summer plans for Paris. Ecole graduation is June 1st when they toss their little Montessori seedlings out into the big world.
We leave for Telluride, CO., the very next day for our guncle Seth's retirement party. Back to Austin for a few weeks of camp, then off to France on June 30th. Still to do: passports, arranging apartment stay, writing my curriculum for my course that I am teaching on Fashion & Design, moving Ecole to its new location and last but not least: getting everything ready to finish the book in Paris!

La Petite Zelda goes to becoming a reality. )ur kickstarter site is up - please help fund our cause! We will get our wonderful illustrator on site to photograph, film, and sketch Zelda as she discovers the city and start working on our final draft for publishing. Merci to all who have pledged thus far...

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