Monday, May 16, 2011

Creed's big plans..., yesterday I spoke with my mother-in-law who wanted to talk about where the kids would go to high school and college! Not exactly on the top of our list for worries or projections at the moment, since we still need to start kindergarten in the fall.
And then I really wanted to open the can of worms and tell her what Creed's plans are for his own future.

Creed has a girlfriend AKA his "wife" named Millie. Sometimes it's Sophia or Kate, but 99% of the time it's Millie. They have been at Ecole for 3 years together now. His plans all seem to include her.

"Mom, I need money to go to Mexico so Millie and I can have a big party for our friends. We're going to ride whales."

"Dad, let's go to Home Depot and buy paint and wood for the house Millie and I are building in Mexico."

"Mom, I am needing to go to the airport at midnight. Millie and I are moving to New York to start a band"

"Dad, my band is going to be called 'Creed and the Firemen.' Do you think Alejandro will join? Millie's band is called 'Millie and the Ambulance.'"

"Mom, can you meet us in New York and bring Millie the wedding dress if she forgets it?"

This has been going on for months finally yesterday, I asked him why he wants to get married to Millie at such a young age.

His response: She's nice. I like her a lot and we're friends.
Me: Okay - good reasons. What will you do when you get married?
Creed: Oh, we'll be parents. I'll make signs and Millie will make dresses, go to meetings and have breast cancer.



Jennifer June said...


Nellie DeMeerleer said...

This is so wonderful! Creed is so smart! <3 I miss you all.

Lauren said...

I'd say he feels pretty good about the life he's living if his vision for future happiness matches the present in so many details! What a great feeling!

Anonymous said...

A credit to you Toxo Maman, if Breast Cancer is just something you do, like making dresses. Millie is one lucky gal! (well except for the BC part) MB

Carolina Echeverría said...

Hi, I'm an artist, a mother of three, 40 and currently in chemo for breast cancer. I can not write well in English, but I need to tell you that your child is ABSOLUTELY GREAT !!! This post made ​​me laugh and wonder. Love for you and your children.