Monday, March 28, 2011

Yoko, hello...

...yes, it was me...the crazy woman that had to thank Yoko Ono for her support of the Braille Institute free books for blind kids. When I heard that she would be here for SXSW, I only barely imagined just running into her with Zelda and introducing the two of them. But SXSW had come and gone, and there I was on a quiet Monday in my shop, chatting with Jerry, my neighbor. And then I saw her - crossing the street, coming towards the sidewalk in front of my atelier. She was so petite, in black and white, with her face obscured by a fedora & sunglasses - but I knew it was her. She didn't stop but kept walking on with her 2 assistants.

In a split second, non-thinking moment, I went after her, leaving my shop unattended. I caught up to them and passed them, and when her assistant spoke, I turned around as if to be surprised. "Oh, my...Yoko Ono." As I spoke - who knows exactly what I said except for "my 5 1/2 yr old daughter is blind and thank you so much for supporting Braille literacy" among other things. I saw her shoulders drop and relax as she listened and realized that I wasn't such a crazy stalker - only a mildly crazy one...she offered her hand to grasp mine, smiled and said to send Zelda her best wishes.

And then I moved on - but to where? I kept on walking to Jo's, met my friend Aaron at the front of the line and said - still reeling from my Yoko encounter - "I have no money with me, can you buy me a tea?, and here comes Yoko Ono." And then as we waited, there was a tap on my shoulder, and all of Jo's was staring, as Yoko wanted to talk to me again! She wanted to thank me this time, for stopping and explaining my situation and talking about la petite Zelda. She told me it "made her feel so much better." So, I wasn't such the crazy stalker, but the grateful mom that so appreciates every few months when we receive that Braille catalogue in the mail for a choice of free books, and on the front of the catalogue reads: with grateful support from Yoko Ono Lennon...

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Megan said...

My big brother is a childhood friend of Owen and he, after learning of my struggle with infertility, directed me to your blog. You have a crazy stalker of your own now. :)

I've also had the awesome experience of being next to Yoko only mine was shopping in a vintage clothing store in NYC-she was with Sean!

I look forward to reading more of your blog!