Friday, October 17, 2008

Now, about Creed...

I need to talk about my son, Creed. He is an absolutely delightful human being. He has dimples, he is ticklish, and he loves to run - everywhere. He is easily distracted but when he is focused, he stays with it. He is a drummer. He carefully selects his sticks and drums on a variety of objects. He also seems to be enthralled by any backstage activity at a show. He is slowly learning French, automatically responding with "Merci" and asking with "Si pay..." - his version of "s'il te plait". Creed loves his dad and his twin sister and hopefully his momma.

Creed is constantly surprising us with his memory, his agility and his enthusiasm. His latest trick is to tell me when he is about to leave the room: "Mom, I'll be back, okay? Okay mom? Okay? I'll be right back." Then 2 seconds later, he'll stick his little head around the corner and say, "I'm coming back!"

At our parent-teacher conference at Ecole, he was described as 'social' but he doesn't quite know what to do with it yet! "He seeks the companionship of other kids, especially boys." Although all the girls seem to love him because he's so cute. Lots of people think he's a girl because of his long hair - but I see him as all boy...yet he does have a wonderfully compassionate side to him...he's independent but fiercely protective of Zelda. "Is she okay? Is she happy? Did she poop?"

I have been having a rough few days for a number of reasons, Evan is away working in West Texas & 'Caleefornah', the weather is gray, I haven't been sleeping, the economy is cutting my business down to almost nothing...but at 7am when I go to get Creed out of his bed and see his sleepy little smile, it makes everything all better.

Early 2006, after months in the hospital (Z on the left, C on the right):

Creed now - on his 3rd birthday:


Karla May said...

Oh my! He is a gorgeous creature.

neito said...

Yes, They are the greatest thing in the world!