Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Governor Palin...

With only 3 weeks left before the election, we are giving Mom a break from blogging and thought that we would send you a little note. Mom has been very frustrated with "that guy" - you know, the one you're running with! - as well as you and she has held her tongue on more than one occasion. BUT, with that aside, we have several bones to pick with you. Now, you may not know that we are only 3 yr old twins and Zelda is blind, but we still have our opinions at this early age in life - even if we don't say much yet:) So, here we go...

1. As we are learning to speak, we would appreciate the proper example set of grammatically correct English. Mom says that words that end in 'ing' should have those letters pronounced, as opposed to dropping the 'g' and endin' in "'in"...Also, we have a problem with putting an 'a' at the end of words, such as 'gotcha' and 'getcha' - and by the way, are those really words? We were really hoping that after 8 years of abuse of the English language in the White House (albeit we weren't alive!), we could regain some eloquence appropriate to the leaders of our country.

2. You seem to relish trotting out your kids when it's convenient to your campaign - i.e. the soldier and the Special Needs baby, but seem to be offended by the publicity given to your unwed daughter who had sex before the legal age of consent. Mom says that kids need to be taught about sex because everyone wants to do it and that education is the key. Also, we are pretty certain that Roe vs. Wade is a good thing. It's not at all about killing or not wanting babies and has everything to do with a woman's right to choose. We could have a 24 yr old brother or sister right now - and Mom says, "Thank goodness we don't!" Also, during your speech you said, "To all of you Special Needs Moms out there, you'll have a friend in the White House". Yes we will and his name is Obama...and we can tell you that not only the Moms need help, the Dads do too, and the siblings and the Health Care system and Medicaid, etc. and especially the Special Needs people themselves, so stop using us as a campaign stunt and tell us what you're going to do...How about funding for continued stem cell research?

3. We are sorry that it took you until last year to get a passport to leave this country for the first time in your life, we are already learning a foreign language and should have our very own passports soon. I don't think Canada counts and being able to see Russia from your balcony doesn't count either. It has much more to do with desire than resources...you obviously had the time to train for and fund your beauty pageants, why didn't you have a bake sale to buy a plane ticket to Europe and go backpacking?

4. And last but not least, we have met lots of city officials, the mayor, rock n'roll singers, TV news anchors, millionaires, and college professors - and you know what? Most are really, really smart well-educated people. And you know what else? None of them are qualified to run this country, so please stop thinking that you are. We really do support your desire to work outside of the home - that's not an issue for us as our mom owns her own business, we have had wonderful nannies and now go to preschool - so, it's not about being a stay-at-home mom. It's about experience and finesse.

We could go on and on and really hit upon the issues but the political journalists are far savier than we are on the important stuff. But, what we have mentioned is important to us and BTW, it's much more fun to say OBAMA than it is to say the name of that other guy:)

Thanks for listening,

Credence Paul & Zelda Nicolette

P.S. And please stop winking at the cameras - if you want to bring sexism into the debate, a male politician would really be mocked if he ever tried that! Although it's pretty cute on either girls or boys when our friends do it in preschool...


Karla said...

Applause! Whistles! Foot Stamping!
Woo woo woo! High fives!

Credence and Zelda are incredibly smart kids and I applaud their political intelligence. Point 4 is incredibly well made.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!You two ROCK!!!!

xoxo Auntie Shakti

Anonymous said...

the new ticket: Zelda and Creed.
Caits, Georgia

Anonymous said...

Give me a f*ing break. So, it's more acceptable bring in a friend to terrorists than it is to bring in someone who uses the occasional slang term. What a sad comment.


toxomaman said...

Mom says healthy debate is good even if we're not allowed to use curse words.Thanks anyway for using the 'ing' although the continued problems with sentence structure seem to be a plague of your party.
Maybe it's a terrorist plot to prevent a clear message from getting across to the American people:]

C & Z

Anonymous said...

I can promise you this. Mr. McCain learned more about life and what it to be an American in his years spent serving his country in the military than Mr. Obama has to this day. What has he done to show his patriotism? Wear a flag pin on his jacket? Oh wait, he even refuses to do that! Would you not agree that the leader of the great nation should at least have pride in their country?

I think all you will be perfectly happy living in France when McCain wins this election.


Alexis... A McCain supporter said...

yeah, let's elect our leader by which name is more fun to say. that makes about as much sense as choosing based on the color of their skin.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. Are you trying to be cute? Writing this as if it came from your innocent 3 yr old twins is dumb. Are you not woman enough to speak on your own, but need to hide behind your kids? Grow up. I know it is a popular liberal mindset to use your children as a "voice", but I find it disgusting. Laughable that you slam Palin for campaigning with her children and I have yet to see her use her kids they way you just did. They are simply with her.

Your kids speak French? Whopdeefckingdoo. Who gives a shit. This is America and we speak English here. Perhaps you should pack your shit and go move to France. Let's see what kind of medical care your daughter gets there.

Tessa said...

I love, love, love this! Let's see what Palin actually DOES to help special-needs kids, if only in Alaska (and thank heavens she got no further than that). Her baby was only three months old when she went out on the campaign trail. Down syndrome babies are medically fragile at that age and really need all the parental nurturing they can get. She thought it was fine to drag him all over America like a rag doll? Is this family values? And yes, being able to use the English language (and others) properly is important, as is having some sort of knowledge of and interest in the world beyond America. Let me tell you, anonymous above, you get top-notch medical care in France and MANY other countries, and it is free. America is a great country, but it is not the only great country! Sarah Palin is a joke and a disgrace.

Megan said...

I think a few of the anonymous posters are choking on their words now.

For the record, I loved this post! Your kids have better literary skills than me! ;)