Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Helicopter hovering...landing pad in site...

- So, first we ask all of our friends where their kids go to school, do our research and investigate any schools we've read about, etc.

- Then we narrow down the search and call the school to make a tour appointment.

- We attend the visit and see if we like them, see if they like us and see if it is even a possibility.

- Then we fill out the application form and put down anywhere from $50-100/per child just to get on the waiting list.

- And we wait...we juggle timing. "If we get accepted to Harvard can we delay until we find out if we make it into Yale? And then there's Princeton, they may have 2 spaces but won't let us know until May....and I hear that MIT really wants a blind kid in their program..."

- Here's the part that hasn't happened quite yet (but we're getting close): We get accepted and we put down the $250 or so enroll fee/once again, PER CHILD.
- School should start late August/early September...anywhere from $650-800/PER CHILD!!! per month...

Oh, and did I mention the summer camp program search? Yikes....

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Karla May said...

So will they be going to Geej's school? I can't recommend it highly enough. It's awesome.

And what you saw Geej doing there was being bossy. She excels at it.