Monday, March 10, 2008

My little monster...

Oh my oh my, I just had to add this story. Evan, Manu, the twins and I had to run an errand at Best Buy this weekend. It's a fairly heinous store but it has big open spaces and Zelda loves to stroll through wide aisles in places with very high ceilings. She loves Home Depot and Target (FYI, I absolutely refuse to go to WalMart).

Anyway, Zelda was strolling around with her arms outstretched in front of her. We are trying to get her to hold her hands together with her outstretched arms to cue her on approaching obstacles. As always, she was walking around fearlessly, like a superstar - head down, chin fairly tucked, arms out stretched - when this guy starts laughing and pointing. "Look at that little girl walking like a monster, she's walking like Frankenstein!" "Isn't she cute?" I tend to just smile when people comment on how "she's SO interested in her feet!" or "she looks sleepy" - because her eyes are usually closed. Well, this time the guy just wouldn't shut up so I just had to lay the zinger on him "No, she's not pretending to be a monster, she's blind." Hit by this ton of bricks, he proceeds to apologize profusely but then throws in Jesus! He touches her on the head and starts talking the whole "God Bless" thing, know the rest...

Frankly, I don't know what was scarier: the part about the monster or the Jesus trip.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, our first crazy nanny used to call her preacher and have her pray over the phone for girls. I thought creepy but well intentioned. but that amoung other things justed added up to 'gotta go' btw~ a legally blind woman ran the iditarod, just made me smile.

how on earth did you manage not to smack the guy.
your babes bi 2005 friend and fellow twin mom --mb

Anonymous said...

is best buy really that different from wal-mart??