Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So sometimes one has to write about the not-so-fun stuff...

so Zelda had a seizure last week. It's the first one she's had since January - but even then the neurologist was only calling them "spells." You see, it all started last summer (2006) when she was just a babe. They say that kids born with toxoplasmosis can have seizures and Zelda started to have some unusual 'episodes'. Basically it goes like this: she gets quiet, she gets pale, her lips start to turn dark purple, she is unresponsive and her hands are limp. I would pick her up, rub her back and in a minute or so she would stir and then fall into a deep sleep for an hour or so. Last fall we called EMS several times and she was hospitalized for days on end, hooked up to an EEG to chart her brain waves. And still, no evidence of seizure activity. They would just send her home. Finally right after the New Year 2007 and yet another 'episode' and trip to the hospital, we pretty much demanded she be put on some kind of medication. So, since then, she has been on Keppra. She has done so well...until the other day.

It's no fun to get that call from your nanny while you're getting ready to go home from work. Luckily, my shop is 100 yds away from home so I ran when Candi called. We called EMS and Zelda's neurologist and all concur that it was a breakthrough 'episode' related to a high fever. She had been snotty and sick all week. But now we watch and worry and wait. Will it happen it again? Probably. It sucks.

But Creed was a champ. He watched, he was quiet and when Zelda finally fell asleep on Evan's chest, Creed climbed onto the day bed and laid his head on her back and stroked her hair.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! that does suck, poor everybody. what a great bro, Creed is, the twin bond is an amazing thing.

board friend,
mb babes born 2005