Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maman is leaving town...

yes, I am actually going on a 'girls' weeekend'. Having never done this before (my closest friends besides my sisters happen to be male and/or gay), I imagine it will be the ultimate estrogen fest. Anyway, 10 of us will be in staying in Santa Fe at Ten Thousand Waves for a few days. I like the idea of a zen-like setting, a massage, hot baths, lots of sleep and...cocktails!?
Happy Birthday KitKat!
Good luck Evan!

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Karla said...

Ten Thousand Waves is GLORIOUS. I've been there and will never forget it. The massage was blissful. They even sort of lift you up afterwards, as you are too groggy to sit up yourself, and it was like being a baby all warm and cuddly.