Friday, June 15, 2007

The inmates were running the prison.

So, upon our return to the RMH after our weekend in Vegas, we were moved to a slighty bigger room - at least we could fit in 2 porta-cribs! Our daily routine consisted of waking up - whenever! - our Texas schedule went out the window suffering from time difference + lack of our beloved nanny's time clock + living together in one room. We took our breakfast downstairs in the kitchen, thanks to these chairs: Phil & Ted's Me Too! (highly recommended for jet-setting toddlers). They can accomodate up to 35 lbs of toddler but fold up flat, weigh less then 2 lbs and can easily be packed into a suitcase. I really appreciate good design.
Dining out even for a quick lunch is difficult with twins at this age...i.e. there is no "You eat while I walk the kid around the patio". It basically consists of shoving the food in your mouth while you each monitor one twin who is ready to explode at any moment. I really do think that it's just the age - but I will add that Zelda definately has a harder time of sitting still for no reason. Nothing to look at for entertainment. Once she's done, she's done. Up and out. Things to do... So our meals, when not taking day trips, were all eaten at the RMH.

Segway into the inmates: have you ever smelled chicken legs boiled beyond belief then sauteed in cheap corn oil in an old frying pan at say, midnight?! Our first room was up the stairs from the kitchen and I had to sleep with a pillow over my nose. Why are these people cooking at midnight? Why is a child bouncing a basketball in the bathroom at 9pm when my baby is recovering from surgery? Why is a mom vacuuming at 10pm? - actually 9:58pm, I think she knew the rules. Our second room was a bit more private and we gracefully settled into putting the twins to sleep at night and then feigning sleep on the bed near them since they knew we were there. When they finally were asleep we would pop in our latest Blockbuster DVD and try to keep our eyes open long enough to make it to the credits.

Despite my bitching and the disorganization of our accomodations during this particular trip, I must say that we love the Ronald McDonald House organization. This was our 3rd trip staying out in their Pasadena location. Evan spent a month there when Zelda was 3 months old and living in the NICU at Huntington Hospital while I lived at RMH in Houston for 3 1/2 months. Their generosity, hospitality and support for families with children dealing with medical issues is without compare. By the time we had left Pasadena, we had met families with a child suffering from bone cancer, a little girl with facial dysplasia, a 12 year old boy with paralysis from a gunshot wound to the head and his dad who were the only survivng members of their family killed by bandits in Honduras and a couple whose baby, with an immune disorder, lived inside the hospital in a sealed environment. All of us are families from different economic and cultural backgrounds that are linked by out-of-control medical bills and travel away from home, and yet wanting the very best for our children.

Evan and I are so very, very lucky that Creed and Zelda continue to grow and thrive.

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Bookhart said...

I loves me the RMH. I volunteered at the local one a couple of years ago. So far our medical perambulations with Wonder Boy have only taken us as far north as Dallas, where we have family, but you can bet we'll be taking advantage of them if we ever end up finding a specialist somewhere, someplace who can tell us exactly what we are dealing with.

But, dude? TWO toddlers in a restaurant? You are a far braver woman than me.