Thursday, April 5, 2007

The things people say - part I

Creed is bigger than Zelda. Zelda keeps her eyes closed a lot. Creed is a boy, Zelda is a girl. This is what people have been known to ask :

-How far apart are they in age?
* 1 minute.

-Are they identical?
*No, one has a penis.

-Is she asleep? OR Is she sleep walking?
*No, she's blind.

-Where they conceived naturally?
*No, they were built in a factory in New Jersey.



La Turista said...

People are so stupid. I never let the old "Is that a boy or a girl?" question bug me with either of my girls - except once. My oldest was about nine months old, wearing a DRESS, sitting in her car seat under a PINK blanket with her very feminine NAME embroidered on it, and this nosy old biddy came up and said, "Isn't HE cute?" I had to say it - "Well, actually, she's a girl." And the old biddy replied, "Oh. I never can tell when they're BALD." Nice.

I found your blog via Karla. Your children are beautiful!

toxomaman said...

Thanks! I've read your blog, too...Thanks to that Karla, I'll keep following your exploits:)