Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is Zelda...

This is Zelda...she is 18 months old and is legally blind. She is amazing! The other day we went to an art opening - the twins were tiny amidst a sea of legs. Creed ran through the crowd, smiled at the ladies and charmed people. Zelda moved in her usual determined fashion and would stop when she came upon someone worth knowing and began to "pat them" down. That's how she gets to know someone - at least that's how I interpret it. She came upon a man and she began to circle his calves (she's only 28" tall), patting with both hands as she went. The man squatted to talk to her. She rarely looks up so I explained to him that she's visually impaired and that she wanted to say "hello." He was friendly and said he had 4 kids of his own. With that introduction, Zelda proceeded to circle the man. She patted his thighs and then buried her face on his knee for a moment. Then she repeated the same movement at his side, then at the small of his back. Then again at his other side. The man talked to her as she made her way around him and she smiled broadly.

She came upon another man. As she started to pat, he started to speak to her. I again explained that she's visually impaired. The man replied "That is so depressing, I need to go home now." Zelda walked away. No need to waste her time on someone that's depressed - there's too much joy in her world.

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