Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming...

...ack! The Holiday break started today - like marks on a prison wall, we count off the days of finding suitable fun for the twins' while we still try and get some work done. Really, it's great to have them home, they are adorable and fun but at age 5, it's still very: "Mom, what's this?" "Mom, look at that!"

So, Day 1:
- redecorating the tree (Creed, in his very French Montessori way, likes to do his travail - that is: his "work" removing the ornaments and replacing them EVERY DAY!
- cleaning up with Zelda as she experiences every box and bag of food in the house and the crumbs that accompany them.
- listening to Bebel Gilberto, the Biscuit Brothers Christmas, and the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers - ad infinitum...
- perhaps a trip to Hancock Fabrics and Office Depot?!!
- Aunt Shakti visits tonight so Evan and I can sneak off to an attorney friend's office holiday cocktail party.

Yesterday was spent at various Pre-K and Ecole Christmas parties, so here are some photos to be shared:

The absolute best recent photo of la petite Z - taken in the garden at her Pre-K program. I love her Elvis sneer and by the way, she's holding an eggplant.

The hysterical mug-shot Christmas ornament, starring Zelda in a Yard Dog t-shirt:

Z in her classroom wearing her oh-so-80's inspired Holiday outfit...

At Ecole, with the friends singing "Vive le Vent" - that would be Jingle Bells..

I call this photo "Cheeks": Creed and Tito enjoying their French holiday potluck...

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