Sunday, July 11, 2010

Etape 1...on our "Tour d'East Coast"

So day 1, our little peloton loaded up the car with clothing, supplies, and enough Pirate Booty and Cheerios to last for 2 weeks on the road. Leaving at 8pm, we headed north towards Dallas and didn't even make it out of Texas that first evening - Texadelphia? Texarkana? But by the time the next day rolled around, we had passed through Memphis.

Dinner was in Nashville with friends, but not until we had been stopped for speeding in Arkansas. The cop looked at Evan's license and his 'foreign' last name and asked him "You're not from here, are you?" "What kind of name is that?" I personally think that he thought he was working in Arizona and had gotten his 'A' states confused...
We had barbeque with Steve - Evan's old friend from Yale - and his son, Taylor...more driving into the night. It was already Thursday and had to be in Bedford, NY by Friday evening...

Oh, and speeding ticket No. 2 was procured in Virginia the next day...but we did make it to our destination right on time.

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The Fru-Gals said...

Arrived here by stalking Laura Lee's facebook...I graduated from Gettysburg in 1983. Your blog is lovely and your voice is inspiring.

I'll be back.

Suzanne Mountain Ellinwood